Reaction From SOD Leaving ASCS and the 2013 Schedule

Ryan Ruhl in Sprints on Dirt competition at Crystal Motor Speedway. - T.J. Buffenbarger Photo

Ryan Ruhl in Sprints on Dirt competition at Crystal Motor Speedway. – T.J. Buffenbarger Photo

Today featured news close to home with announcement that the  Sprints on Dirt series is going back to being its own entity rather than a region of the American Sprint Car Series.

Mike Strevel and his crew have done a great job running the series for the past couple fo seasons.  Previous to Stevel taking over when ASCS became involved the Sprint Car landscape was different.  There were grandiose plans for National Tour races in the area and it was becoming difficult to find someone to run the series (aka get yelled at every night be race car drivers and teams).   Now with solid leadership SOD officials have decided to opt out of the ASCS agreement and go back to being their own entity.

The change will not affect either entity in the long run.  ASCS has been unable to break into SOD marketplace and the surrounding area.  Quality sprint car racing is plentiful in the area and promoters seem unwilling to bring in an ASCS National event.  ASCS is very successful in other parts of the country and will continue to be successful as will Sprints on Dirt.

On the SOD side of things most of the changes are things officials will be doing behind the scenes.  Teams should look for business as usual with registration forms and other items coming soon.

The 2013 schedule is available by clicking here. Overall Strevel and his crew have put together a very solid 2013 campaign starting at Crystal Motor Speedway on April 27th.  The schedule is very travel friendly with the only hair raising moment being the May 17th-18th weekend driving from Tri-City Motor Speedway near the thumb to the opposite corner of Michigan for a Saturday program at Plymouth Speedway.  One welcome addition to the schedule is two races on the 1/2-mile track at I-96 Speedway after being off the schedule for a season.  The season concludes with the one of the three visits to Tri-City.

Look for a few more races to be added to the Sprints on Dirt schedule as the winter goes on.  Some of the TBA’s on the schedule are regular tracks that were not done selling sponsorship for their nights and there might be a couple of more additions to the schedule that are currently not listed as TBA’s.  One of those potential additions would be a major event possibly in a mid-week position.



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